Personal Branding Tips for Job Hunters

8 Tips For Career Satisfaction

In this day and age, we’re all a brand and because of this, the way we brand ourselves is pivotal. So, how do you ensure you’re placing the best foot forward and showing yourself in the best light when looking to move on in your career?


1 – Be Accessible and Visible

It is impossible to hide behind the computer in your office and expect to build a strong personal brand. If you wish to make yourself accessible and visible, you should get out.

  • Attend industry conferences, even if it is simply for socialisation and networking purposes.
  • Open up your social media profiles to the public and accept incoming messages.
  • You should also hold live social media video Q&A sessions and interact with your followers.

The key to building a stronger brand is to make yourself more accessible and visible.


2 – Show the Real You on Social Media

You shouldn’t use social media as your sole channel for marketing. It is okay to throw an offer out there or occasionally promote your business, but you must always try to show the real you. If you come across as unauthentic or as a robot, you are likely to drive people away.

Consumers love seeing the other side.

  • What do you do on weekends?
  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • Where do you eat?

If you do this, you will appear more human and this will attract more people to you. Here are some more tips to amplify your personal brand.


3 – Understand the Ins and Outs of Your Industry

Businesses are only as good as the people running them and this applies to you too. You should understand the ins and outs of your industry, which involves staying up to date on the current trends, your competitors and breaking news.

If you do this, you position yourself as an authority in your industry, which elevates your personal brand a notch higher.


4 – Practice 2-Way Networking

People often use the wrong approaches when it comes to networking. They usually focus on their personal benefit and needs and completely ignore the wants and needs of others.

Your focus should be on 2-way beneficial networking ensuring that you give others the chance to benefit from the relationship too. Following this approach helps you secure more opportunities and connections, which all help strengthen your personal brand.


5 – Keep a Detailed Database of Contacts

Your list of contacts will grow as your personal brand does. You should maintain a detailed list of contacts. Include the following fields:

  • Who the individual is
  • Where you connected
  • The potential opportunities available through this contact
  • How you may help them

These are all things that you should keep track of. While searching when you need something can be a great resource, it can still be referenced whenever an opportunity arises. Your relationships will grow more beneficial and stronger when you approach contacts with opportunities that helps them without the need to ask anything in return.


6 – Become a Trusted Source When It Comes to Relevant Information and Breaking News

You can tell that your personal brand has grown strong once you start becoming a source of information. Strive to be the go-to person for journalists and media outlets contact whenever they require expert advice or information pertaining to breaking news or a popular topic.

Start by sharing information and news that you believe will be useful on social media and then send it to the people in your email list. This can be a great way to build your following and will make people start viewing you as a trusted source of information in your industry. Eventually, people will be attracted to you.


7 – Develop a String Value Proposition

All major companies have a value proposition and it is important that you do too.

  • What helps make you, as an individual, attractive to potential clients or customers?
  • What exactly makes your special?
  • Why would someone be interested in working with you?

Once you have established this, ensure that your audience is aware of exactly what it is.


8 – You need your own website – really

Think about this as your online calling card, or permanent digital portfolio. Sure you should keep a fresh and active social media presence through LinkedIn, but LinkedIn has become ‘run of the mill’ and boring.

To boost your personal brand and increase your changes of securing that dream job, you need an online portfolio website.

In this day and age it’s as important as even when in the job market to utilise online platforms and personal websites to get the attention of recruiters and target companies.

Go and register your name as a domain name (e.g. and build your website from there. For tips on how to choose the right domain name for your business, click here.

That way, next time a recruitment manager or employer turns to the web to search for and recruit new talent, or to research you as a potential target, they will find your online portfolio and you will have increased your chances of landing your dream job exponentially.


Wrap Up

The focus on personal branding isn’t going away any time soon. As the job market becomes more tech savy, and competitive, you need strategic ways to give yourself an edge over other candidates. These 8 tips, from social media to networking, personal websites to becoming a trusted source of information, should help you rise above the rest and secure that dream job.

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