About  Marshall Thurlow


Marshall Thurlow

Hi I’m Marshall Thurlow, founder and small business developer at Orion Marketing.

I want to share my story with you and why I started my own business. Find out more about me on this page, have a look at what I’ve done and what my team and I can do for you.

My Background

I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in environmental management. I’ve always felt a real connection with the natural world so this line of study was a good fit for me. After I graduated I started working on environmental and sustainability issues right away.

Highlights of this work include coordinating Australia’s largest Clean Up Australian Day for Schools event, recruiting 2,345 schools and over 500,000 students across the country – a national record.

I developed a real interest in how to best communicate these projects to the wider community. This led me to pursue further studies in both marketing and public relations.

I’ve now dedicated a significant portion of my professional career to working on issues that I feel passionate about.

I like to think that all the work I do contributes to positive change in the world in some way.

I’ve also developed a unique business model that exclusively services chiropractors, called Premier Practice. This brand provides on-demand digital marketing solutions to help chiropractors help more people.

Why I Started My Own Business

I wanted to break the traditional 9-5 model and do things differently. I found that working for other companies restricted my creatively and freedom to try new things. I needed to get out and develop my own ways of tackling problems and achieving goals.

I identified a need amongst small business owners for reliable, personal and above all results-oriented business solutions. They needed a partner to help them grow their business in an open and transparent way.

I thought to myself I’m going to start a marketing business that small business owners can rely on while also contributing to positive change in the world.

I’ve Overcome Many Challenges

I’ve had to overcome many challenges and roadblocks in setting up my own business. From some steep technical learning curves to developing a consistent approach in my messaging, every day has presented a different set of challenges.

There was some experimentation needed initially in working out what services clients actually needed and how I packaged these. This was actually a valuable lesson as marketing is all about testing, monitoring, adjusting if required, and repeating.

Also, quitting my regular day job and heading out on my own was quite daunting however persistence, and a plan, led to success.

My Inspiration

Both the little things, often overlooked in our busy lives, and larger high-impact events, often changing history, inspire me.

Inspiration comes from a golden sunset over the city, to that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Inspiration comes from watching my niece grow up and explore the world around her, to keeping up with the developments of world changing companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

I also get inspiration from watching all those awesome GoPro videos on Youtube – and less inspired when watching the footage I’ve captured!